How long do your candles last?

My candles will burn from 40 hours to 120 hours.  I have my burn times listed on my candle information page.  Please always trim the wick before you relight any candle.  Trimming your wick will keep your jars free from soot and have a more beautiful flame.


What are my candles made of?

I make my candles with a paraffin/soy wax blend, lead free cotton wicks and natural fragrance oils.


Why do I have to trim the wick?

Trimming the wick will prolong the candle burn time.  When the wick is not trimmed then it will create a larger flame and that will melt the wax faster.  A larger flame can be dangerous when left unattended.


Why does my candle not smell?

In the candle making industry we encounter some fragrance oils that are just simply stronger than others.  I always add the max amount of fragrance oils according to the wax being used!  When making candles the wax, wick and fragrance oil all play a part in the scent throw you will get.  If for some reason you are not happy with the scent throw of your candle(s) please contact me and we will discuss options.


Why does my candle look “wet” in places?

Wet spots appear when there is a significant change in the temperature on the candle container.  This often happens during shipping when the package is no longer in a temperature-controlled environment.  When the temperature changes drastically it causes the wax to detach from the container.  Also, the container itself can be a factor in wet spots.  I use mason jars which means the glass is not a uniform thickness all the way around and with jars like that the candle tends to cool down at different rates causing the wax to pull away from the glass in spots, hence creating “wet” spots.  This does not in any way affect how the candle burns or the scent throw.  Sadly, wet spots are inevitable and cannot be prevented even with the larger more popular candle companies.