If you are looking for a great candle with amazing room filling fragrance, then look no further! My soy blend candles are hand poured & made with lead free cotton wicks/natural wood wicks and clean fragrance oils I guarantee will fill your home with the most amazing scents!

  • Wax Scoopies


    Wax scoopies are perfect for all wax warmers! You can use as much or as little as you need without having to break up a whole wax cube & you can customize your own scent by mixing different scented scoopies! 3.5oz

  • Mason Jar 8oz Candle

    This 8oz Mason Jar Candle is so adorable and sure to bring a little country vibe to your home!! It is also great at filling a room with fragrance! They are perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or office!

  • 3 Wick Tumbler

    Our 3 Wick Tumber is simple yet elegant & perfectly awesome at filling a larger room with fragrance! It comes in only one size - 14oz!

  • Tin Can Candles (Men's Fragrances)

    Men love candles too, they just get their significant others to buy them! Tin can candles are a perfect addition to any man cave!! They come in silver or black and are only 8oz!

  • Room/Linen/Car Spray

    Who doesn't love a good room spray! These are perfect when you want a quick little refreshing scent around your room or in your car! They come in 8oz & 4oz sprays and can be used on linens & pet beds!

  • Wax Melts

    These wax melts are the absolute best at throwing fragrance all throughout your home! They can be used in any wax burner as well!