About Us

Flicker-n-Flame Candles founded in 2020, is a one woman owned candle company based out of Griffin, Georgia.  I strive to make good quality candle(s) for everyone to enjoy all year long!

My name is Kerrie Shuburte and I am the sole owner of Flicker-n-Flame Candles.  I have had a love for candles since I was in my teens and have always wanted to one day make my own candles and candles for my family to enjoy without having to spend a lot of money. 

I have a degree in Health Information Management and was in the medical field since 2017.  Well life was going great until March 2020.  COVID-19 hit the US and places started shutting down!  I was let go from my job and tried desperately to find employment but with companies shutting down or letting their employees work from home, it proved to be rather difficult. 

After a lot of praying and crying over my situation I had an idea to finally learn candle making and start my own little candle business.  I had a little money in savings and decided to throw it all into buying supplies and learning how to make candles.  Let me tell you, I cried, gave up, prayed, started over, reached out and asked for help to learn how to make candles & never got any responses. That's when I decided I was going to do this, one way or another!  So, I went to work making candles, testing wicks, testing waxes and fragrance oils until I was satisfied that I had made a good quality candle that could throw a scent. I made some candles for family and friends for Christmas 2020 and everyone loved them so much they encouraged me to try to start my own business.

Here I am March 2021 exactly one year from being let go from my job due to COVID-19 and launching my own little candle business!!  

I hope you all enjoy your candle(s) as much as I do to make them!

Have a Blessed Day!

Kerrie Shuburte - Owner